Day 342 ~ Rigging Things Up

Rigging up things ~

Scott has issues with the driveway when it gets “ruddy” – or is that “rutty”? Anyway, it bugs him.

He’ll get out the four-wheeler with the plow on the front to scrape the ruts off until the driveway is smooth again. But, sometimes the weight of the plow is not enough to dig down deep and really scrape those ruts off. So, he will holler for someone to come out and stand on the plow blade while he drives.

“I need your weight,” he says.

I feel kinda proud of “my weight” when he says this. Never before has “my weight” really been needed. The more the better.

It’s a little sketchy standing on the blade though. You fear your feet might slip and you could cut your leg on it’s edges, or you could fall forward and get run over. I voice these concerns to Scott as he’s driving.

“You’ll be fine,” he says.

“This is quite a set up you’ve got here,” I tell him. It does give me a little bit of an adrenaline rush, which I didn’t expect. It’s about as as brave as I get.

“Yup, it works good. Your dad would like this,” he says.

This is true. You loved rigging things up to get the job done – even if they were a little sketchy.

I wish I could remember some specifics, but I’m sure if I ask my siblings or Scott, some will bubble up.

To be continued. . . need more data. . .

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