Day 371 ~ Book Whispers

I’ve been reading Richard Quinney’s book this week. I purchased it at the Zandbroz Variety Store in Fargo on Friday when I was there with Gracie. This is my favorite store in which I can get to within a couple of hours – it has everything I love; books – new and vintage, dishes, paper/stationary,… More

Day 370 ~ Whispers Through the Trees

Sitting outside this early morning, with the sun kissing my skin, enveloped in the essence of this day. I’ve picked up the book I’ve been reading, Once Again The Wonder, by Richard Quinney. Through his penned string of words, he quotes Thich Nhat Hanh. And, I hear some whispers from my father, whose presence has… More

Day 364 ~ Wonky Eyebrows

My eyebrows were wonky today. I tried to trim them with my small scissors, but it’s difficult when they are wiry and each hair has a mind of it’s own. Plucking them is a job in itself and waxing it out of the question – I’m too wimpy for that. Mom has beautiful eyebrows, the… More

Day 362 ~ Everyone Will Be Okay. . .

I was depressed this morning when I woke up and didn’t know what to do with myself – the neighbor’s barking dog, tractors, loud trucks and lawn mowers suffocating me with noise. I had to go somewhere to find some peace. So, I packed a salad lunch and went to visit you at the cemetery.… More

Day 355 ~ Setting the Hook!

It was such a glorious weekend up at Lake of the Woods, the lake you adored. Gracie had some initial troubles trying to keep fish on her line. “You gotta set the hook!” Scott told her. “What? How do I do that?” she replied. I flashed back to memories of you in the small fishing… More

Day 354 ~ Seeing You in the Sky

I’m up at LOW, Dad, heading over to Oak Island for a little exploring today. On our way back, these clouds made me think of you. I often think that when I am here, at this lake you loved, that you are with me a little closer. Perhaps watching over me and those I’m with.… More

Day 350, Spelling Problems

It’s Scott’s birthday today and he asked if I would make him lemon meringue pie for his birthday cake. So, I wrote that down on my to-do list. But, I could’s spell meringue. Merrange? Merange? Mirange? Mareng? I don’t know why spelling is so hard. I love words. I read and write daily – yet,… More

Day 342 ~ Rigging Things Up

Rigging up things ~ Scott has issues with the driveway when it gets “ruddy” – or is that “rutty”? Anyway, it bugs him. He’ll get out the four-wheeler with the plow on the front to scrape the ruts off until the driveway is smooth again. But, sometimes the weight of the plow is not enough… More

Day 341 ~ First Father’s Day Without You

First Father’s Day without you ~ I really wish Father’s Day would disappear for those of us who are not sure what to do on the first Father’s Day without a Father. I am at a loss of what to do. So, I just sat in my sanctuary and played with some words on Procreate… More

Day 338 ~ Flashbacks to the Days Before

It’s Ryan’s birthday today. He is a quarter of a century old. I struggle to find a way to celebrate the birthdays of my adult children now – especially when they are not home. I thought it would be cool if I started to write my kids handwritten letters again on their birthdays. I used… More


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