Day 364 ~ Wonky Eyebrows

My eyebrows were wonky today. I tried to trim them with my small scissors, but it’s difficult when they are wiry and each hair has a mind of it’s own. Plucking them is a job in itself and waxing it out of the question – I’m too wimpy for that.

Mom has beautiful eyebrows, the arch shaped so lovely. But, I must have inherited my eyebrows from you.

I remember Gracie saying:

“Grandpa! Your eyebrows are all messed up!”

“I know! Sometimes this side goes one way and the other side goes the other way and I start walking in circles!” you replied.

This confused Gracie.

I know Mom would trim your eyebrows for you. Did they ever get in your eyes?

I bought a birthday card for you a few years ago that I was unable to give in time.

I’ll have to save it to give one of the boys – or maybe not.

I’ll keep it for your birthday still.

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