Day 290 ~ The Vest Story: Such a Good Deal

Lauren says that Grayson asks her to tell her stories at night before bed. He loves books, but more than that, he loves to have someone tell him a story. She says she needs more stories. I told her she needs to tell him stories about you, so that Grayson can know you.

She said she needed some to tell, so I told her I would write some down.

Well, the first story is about the fishing vest. I’ll tell it the best to my knowledge, but I may have to elaborate on some details, although I will be sure to say when I don’t know something for sure. I don’t want to be called a liar – although there is a gray area for story tellers.

It had to have been summer. You were up at Warroad to go fishing, I think, and spotted a garage sale, so you thought you’d better stop. I’m kinda thinking you might have just wanted to do some visiting, because if you can’t get that in every day, you go looking for people to talk to.

Anyway, you eyed up a really nice vest sitting on the table. I’m not sure what it cost, but I’m guessing you haggled with the price a bit, trying to knock a few dollars off. You tried it on and it fit. I’m sure you looked quite dashing.

After saying thank you for the vest and the visit, you headed to your pick up, with the vest still on. Once in the truck, it was a little snug getting the seat belt on, but you were not deterred. The vest stayed on.

You stopped at a restaurant to have a bite to eat, walked in and noticed a table open. People watched you as to strolled to your table. The waitress came over and you noticed she was eyeing up your vest, and you started thinking it was a pretty good investment – especially since you were getting so much attention. Your ordered some coffee along with eggs and toast. Not bacon, Mom says you don’t need all that bacon. (I added that part.)

Your buddy, Ole, arrives at the restaurant and spots you sitting at a table so he decides to join you. The waitress comes over to take his order and they both give each other a smirky look.

Finally, Ole says something,

“Dennis . . . I hate to ask you this, but why are you wearing a fishing vest?”

End of story that I know of. . .

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